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Workplace Survey

In this study, we are interested in how people imagine themselves in different workplaces. In order to explore this, we are going to show you some pictures of a real workplace and a description of a job you could occupy there.


We want you to imagine yourself attending an interview for the described position within the depicted workplace. Try to really think about how you would feel in this situation.


Throughout the study, your responses will remain anonymous and confidential. They will be used only for the purposes of research, and will be reported only as summary statistics. Your answers will not be shared with anyone in any way that would expose your identity.


Your participation in this research is voluntary. If at any point you decide that you do not want to continue, simply close the survey. Likewise, although it would be very helpful to us if you could answer ALL questions, if you are uncomfortable with any, then please feel free to leave these blank. Once the study is complete, if you decide that you are unhappy with your data being retained and used for this research, you are free to request that your responses be destroyed.


If you have read all the above, and you are happy to participate in this research, and if you understand the premise of this study—  that we want you to imagine yourself applying for the job described in the workplace depicted— then please click the "Next" button to proceed.